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Essence and Form

You have both the essence and the form. They should not be confused. If you were with Knowledge completely, there would be no problem here. However, because you live according to your ideas and prescriptions in a world of separation, you must learn to distinguish between the essence and the form of things. You may love another, but it may not be appropriate for you to assume an intimate form of relationship together. Here it is usually necessary to wait in order to truly discern what form is most appropriate for your relationship.

This is wisdom. Wisdom is learning how to do things to produce a true result.

Think of it like this: You are like a piece of a larger puzzle; you fit perfectly with other pieces, but only with certain pieces. With many pieces of the puzzle it will be a partial fit. You almost fit, and, like trying to fit two pieces of a puzzle together that don’t really match, you may try to force a relationship with another because the fit appears to be so close. Yet if you could stand back and see what your picture demonstrates, you would see that though there may be great attraction, you do not belong together.

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