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Divine Mind

Divine Mind is the mind when we stop fueling separation as real and see the lie the "lower" or "separate" mind would perpetuate for its own survival.

Mind naturally seeks sublimation, home. Like a magnet and river, to flows naturally to its Self.

When “we” get out of the way, relaxing our need to be safe within the mental confines of meaning making, we observe that it naturally flows, back to source, the ocean.

Our mind, when attuned to the Divine mind, naturally flows in the same way.

Imagine like neurons within the brain being rivers and the brain being like the ocean. We can connect many rivers together and thus create lakes and larger bodies of pooled information that allow us more “time” to navigate and “deepen” within their contents.

In the natural flow we observe that all the rivers and lakes are interconnected and connects to everything else in some way and not isolated like we believe, like when we stop the flow somewhere to explore it and forget we can flow again, stopping it from connecting to itSelf.

Making meaning (reduction from All to focus on “a part” or facet within All) stops flow, creates tension, perpetuates time, and allows for an expansion from that point, to flow to another space, like a river to a lake.

The “I” that knows, informs the “i” that doesn’t, and the “i” that doesn’t know, surrenders itself to the power of the “I” that does.

Staying aligned and anchored in this way, from the fullness of the whole of the “I”, we are informed differently in this world. Because of the way the collective mind perpetuates and conditions identity making and separation into mental constructs, initially can feel like blindness. Blindness though, when becoming light, is unknown into known. When we no longer trust only traditional senses because we now experience their limitations, we can open up more fully to what cannot be known until it reaches our field of awareness and becomes known.

When we start living from a sense of “I” wholeness, seeing the limitations of adding value to the “i” and stop feeding the lies it would have us believe about what it can offer us that it cannot, we can start to listen more deeply to this “still voice from within” which encourages and compels trust, faith, and life to be lived.

Life then becomes when we can get out of the mind identification and allow ourselves to be in the Source, the Origin of all thought forms where we are then in Being. Alpha and Omega. Beginning and Ending. Becoming and Being.

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