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Divine Love Casts Out All Fear

We are blessed to know our spiritual needs.

Divine Love purifies our hearts and minds. What we often don't give space to in our awareness is that when we purify, it may seem disharmonic.

What was once harmonic may become distorted to bring light to where one hasn't deepened in real love within themselves first.

Being sensitive in this world is amazing. Also, it requires a recognition of the way we may be unconsciously asked to show up, set and hold boundaries physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to maintain our peace.

When we can see the gifts of love also creating space for more love by bringing the shadows to the surface for integration into love, we stop seeing conflict as a problem, but as an opportunity to love more fully and deeply.

Divine love is a perfect love which casts out all fear.

Human love is not a replacement for divine love which can leave us malnourished and feeling broken. The perfect love of our creator nourishes, completely.

And to fully receive of that love is also a gift for many do not believe in their worth to receive it, preferring breadcrumbs of love over the whole loaf.

Unlike human love devoid of the divine orientation, it has no agenda. Love has no demands but extends grace to those who would say yes.

The only thing in the way is...your pride about being right about all the reasons you're undeserving of it.

And if you believe what the world says about you, you will be lost to the world. Believe what has been offered to you freely and without agenda and never go hungry again.

Will you say yes to yourself?

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