Consider your fear of powerlessness

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Consider that what you are afraid of is how someone else handles what you are unable to handle within yourself.

The fear is that if someone got ahold of what drives your shame or guilt, they would destroy you.

And so you spend so much time learning about shame and guilt so as to avoid touching that pandora's box in another, trained to avoid anything that could bring the pain up for real healing, that you actually never feel your own freedom to just exist without it.

You are protecting your own hidden pain from the pain of another, unconsciously disguising that protection as "care" for the other yet it is more like avoiding the attack and pain that could arise if you were to actually be without self protection.

Think about how much of the world talks about care of another when it's just a clever avoidance of looking at the death we are carrying around, trying to not be triggering into seeing what we have buried and fearful it will be discovered and that we would have to account for its fallout.

What happens if it is unearthed, discovered by another?

Who's responsibility is the tomb of the past transgressions?

What if we healed all guilt and shame by allowing light/love within/as consciousness to love itself whole?

What if we died to live instead of live to die?

I think this is what Jesus was pointing to when he asked Peter to let the dead bury the dead and to follow Him.

Those who live their lives conditioned by the past do not allow life to Be. We cannot Be. Here. Now. Fully alive in our nature.

And to protect ourselves from our past being unearthed is to keep some part of our consciousness attentive to attack and to the possibilities of our buried stories/characteristics being exposed.

Disgrace, shame, guilt...only to be experienced again when they are discovered.

And the power we give others to shame us, guilt us into our smallness, into submission of their condemnation of us...again.

What if we unearthed our tomb for resurrection of that death restored into life?

What if we fearlessly (with faith) explored the tomb contents?

What if we allowed a full resurrection of our life, free from past and no longer carried our dead with us?

Is this possible for us? Why is this important to die before we die?

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