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Consciousness becoming Conscious of Itself

Consciousness becoming conscious of itself. The Mystery being Revealed. We cannot know until we know.

Like atoms form molecules and molecules form larger things and those larger things form ideas about the things which form into it all…who is the one observing this phenomenon? Who is the one creating it? Did you create it, or did you connect what was already created together? Both? Who is the one observing the connections being made?

Our capacity to observe is infinite. Similarly, what we are is not what is observable or experienceable. It is part of what we are, yet not it. Holding it All lightly allows life to unfold within its own natural intelligence. We can choose how to relate with what is arising yet the need to resist becomes obsolete. Resisting what is present within our own individual field, in felt time, leads us to fields of amplified suffering.

Taking the time to connect with ourselves, our story about ourselves, where we feel stuck, what we can do to liberate the feelings of “stuckness” to open ourselves up to the wholeness of our beingness which is inclusive to the whole (including the story and also the “stuckness” in the story) has a value that cannot be measured or underestimated.

Yet, when we repress or deny what is arising, in time, it often can come with a measurable cost like illness, dis-ease, and disharmony.

Being present to what Is (arising) and lovingly tending from our being, brings in a different quality of life experience that until we live it, we remain unsure of its true essential value.

Once we experience the fruits of surrender, the momentum is in place and rarely does it seem intelligent to resist anything.

We observe the ego structure itself surrendering in service to allow and play in form expression but is no longer in charge of determining the meaning of the play. In this way too the ego integrates into the whole where it doesn’t exist if not only in words but the power that it once held as valuable, no longer feels tempting to pick up.

Why listen to it when we already understand that ego sees separation and perpetuating separation as truth, generates, and exacerbates pain and suffering?

The dance of listening and acting upon becoming the rhythm of the soul as the unified field of Feminine/Masculine energy allows the purity of the child, created by the fruits of two becoming one, to explore the world anew, present as an ever-rising mystery of what is, and what isn’t simultaneously.

We no longer identify with objects, but the choice is still present, just like the essence of the former ego identity. We become free to experience life in a new way, free from past form identification, allowing the present now to inform us of our current next steps.

We enter into a direct experience of knowing and not knowing simultaneously; a life lead within the mystery of what was and into what will be.

Each step is a spacious pausing point of reorientation within the dance between movement and stillness.

Deep pause. Rest. Stillness. The peace that passeth all understanding. Zero Point. Now. Presence. Here…

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