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Compassion is Needed

We want peace but we keep trying to make everyone around us change so we can have it.

"My way".

Controlling peoples words and actions so that we do not have to feel a certain way.

"My language".

Managing what they should and should not be doing so that we feel comfortable.

"My values"

Disregarding that there's anybody else but ourselves.


And feeling Over entitled what we want and need to feel good, safe and comfortable over anybody else.

"My comfort"

Using our trigger (unresloved past pain) to blame, guilt and shame by manipulating their humanity into submission to what we refuse to heal.

"My rights"

Why wouldn't feelings of injustice arise?

It seems the one who wants (peace) makes everything around them change for them, disregarding the simplicty that the others are not required to. Nor do they ever need to change.

Sit with that.

And when we can move out of denial about how we believe this normalized form of self sacrifice for another is actually enabling the other to feel entitled to their way, and devaluing the actual sacrifice seeing it as "normalized behavior" to give with zero regard to the impact on the other who is actually changing their behaviors to accommodate someone who is unwilling to see how their pain is running their life, their pain will (unconsciously) be running yours too.

Compassion is needed. Relatability to the pain and suffering of another is needed.

Naturally being moved to respond from within is a listening that deepens as we discern the outer false from the inner real.

Others will continue to insist that they are entitled to make you change, asserting all the tricks in the books to acquire your energy.

Yet it is still themselves that they seek.

No matter what lack of peace is perceived, it is the one who experiences the lack that has something to look at. Not the other.

Until we understand that the only sacrifice we give are our limitations in love to a greater love, a wholistic love, we will continue to solicit others into our drama.

And there will be a demand that we respond to their momentary "little self" centrism in the ways that satisfy them. Often only them, so that "love" is restored from them to us.

The peace we seek is the freedom from self/form identity.

The world will try and convince you that it's you who are responsible to it. Yet we have no control over what is put into cosmic order. It is just in its perfection whether we see it as such or not.

You are responsible for the world inside of you.

Peace comes through inner conflict resolve. And psychological peace, Self understanding, that which is beyond mind, is the greatest investment you can make in yourself, for the peace of the world.

Know thy Self.

Peace resides within and when we see how much that peace is valued in the outer world for our own sanity, we cannot be tempted to devalue it again.

We start to innerstand that the heavenly riches have "more" value, lasting value, than that of the world.

Feed a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Jesus

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