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Communication is more than words and understanding them

Communication is so much more than words spoken and understood. That alone seems like it can take a lifetime to master.

And look at how many systems and methods have been generated to help refine the skillful means of communication.

Imagine also now, that there is communication happening simultaneously within our Beingness that wishes to be birthed into form through Word.

When we surrender the seeker of the finite, we deepen in listening to the infinite which gives us both the finite and beyond. It seemingly understands what is being said, and what is not being said, simultaneously.

Communication here is intention based so as to formulate from aligning/realigning subtle and more subtle frequencies and resonances as birthing from the unknown which is consolidating and generating these frequencies and resonances into form(s), and each word birthed into form is also imbued (imprinted) from that source of power in which they came.

Thus we become the giver of the Word, and in listening to our own Word, we also become the Receiver of the Word. Two as One in One.

Birth of Word. Communication. Communicare is the Latin root of communicate which means ‘To impart’ or ‘to transmit’. Consider in communication, what is (being) transmitted. Where is (you) align(ment) in Word? What goodness is received from Word?

Listening, aligning, dancing in formless darkness to bring the light of awareness to the “what” which is calling for expression in only that exquisite moment of now.

What makes word alive? Consider that it is by lack of the one who is in the way, limiting access to the multitude of secrets within it.

When we open to discover the mystery of what animates the words into being, losing ourselves in the experience of the word, we meet in the same.

Desires of Togetherness in Word. And Being Together in Word. Both the seeker and the sought, found, met, complete.

Both Being in the experience as the experiencer and experienced, simultaneously shifting in awareness of the nuances of loves understanding of itself in the myriad of ways that are informing itself of what it is...formed only and uniquely in this present moment.

Open through the portal of listening between and beyond the word for what the Word is speaking...and what the receiver of the Word is transmitting. Two as One.

We lose ourselves in the listening to discover our fullness (within ourSelves).

This seems only available when our desire to Know Truth (life) outweighs the limitations of the smallness (death) which defines our current experiences of vastness by the littleness it thinks (it knows), limiting our knowing of ourselves as our ever expanding selves and communicating with the Whole of ourselves, ever discovering even what that is or means.

Although our experiences may seem different to the one in the way, to the One who is present, All is known, including the one who seemed to be in the way yet now is not.

Communication has then served its deepest purpose. Togetherness in Source.

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