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Being in the way through control

When we desire to control outcomes, we are in the way of ourselves.

We momentarily lose spontaneity of our beingness and the knowingness that knows beyond this moment.

An unconditioned child doesn’t know what will happen next, resulting in being authentic to their NOW experience without (hidden) agenda that it be or become something else, releasing true future oriented thinking that includes self-protection of the future self.

We stop listening to what life is unfolding, deem that freedom for life to happen and have Its Will with us, is not worthy (judge it), and impose upon it a “better” solution.

Most do this unconsciously.

But to be in Heaven is to not fear Hell.

NOW is full of steps that lead us to the next NOW within eternity. Yet to stand in fear that the next step is not for you is to doubt that the benevolence of the world does not exist. It is to lack faith and trust that whatever the outcome of that step, will also hold within it, your salvation.

Our getting out of the way of all perceived threat is akin to being like a child who can fully relax into the loving arms of their (ideal) parents.

To choose something else is to cut ourselves off from the wholeness in which we live, move and have our being.

And so NOW we can deeply rest in to “this” NOW moment and let the rest tend to itself, because it is and has a Will of its own that also includes yours, if you allow it.

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