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Behind that is always more love

When patterns break and fall apart, it makes space for what is to come.

This can feel like loss, annihilation like death, helplessness and lack of control as the old patterning gives way to no-thing.

What was being held in place from the patterning, like repressed feelings, emotions, and other interconnected weavings, may also arise into this new space like a flooding.

That which was interconnected may also arise for reconciliation within the loss of the patterning. This may bring about more feelings, emotions, and loss.

For as one foundation falls away, the invitation to lose it all, also arises. One pattern unravelling another.

Yet you, the one behind the patterning, is indestructible. Your essence cannot be willed to change, cannot be broken or damaged. You are not the pattern nor what arises from the dissolution of the patterning.

You are the stillness behind what arises. You are the indestructible force that observes the rising and falling. Yet you, as the form identification of yourself will most certainly break down.

You may certainly have all the feelings, the emotions like anger or rage, sadness and grief while you are dissolving. Yet this process of undoing and unbecoming is also to get you used to seeing what you are not, a form identity.

The eye of the tornado.

This identity formation must go through many revolutions and deaths to lose its rigidity and fixations on family patterns and past versions of ourselves to break free from our own personally conditioned box of form identity structure.

When we see the patterning of self-imprisonment, we also see the freedom of self-choice. And the power given to empower our choices into more freedom of being where life is a happening and we are the witnesses to it.

This surrender to the world to be as it is, in the same way we have allowed ourselves to be as we are, allows us to easily embody the qualities of purity, innocence and stillness. And this is what is gold.

Feel all your feelings, let it all drop, lose it all. This has been imprisoning you into an identity of who you are not. Within this now expansion, you will become more allowing, more available, lighter and with more capacity to be within the more subtle and “higher” vibrations in which deeply nourish.

Self-destruction though, must have a firm orientation so that reformation can be more easily reconstructed anew.

Yet the witness who is in the eye of the tornado and in presence remains, what was lost is taken cleanly away and what is left is restored as new. What was finished, is done. And what remains is what is.

You then are left, as even more of yourself.

The whole process can seem pointless. Yet after all has been released you are left with what is new, and a whole new space in which to draw upon new experiences that was not possible before this death occurred.

And by allowing it to fully happen we are gifted with a new birth of ourselves and more awareness of what was holding it in place; ourselves.

Each death becomes easier as the reclaiming of our true essential identity restores our faith in the process. What is true and real cannot be destroyed.

Allowing ourselves access to it all as we witness the destroyer of illusions, lover of life and preserver of virtues, we find that we are not fragile but resilient and undefeatable.

You are whole and always were. No matter what arises, behind that is always more love.

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