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Be the Antidote

Consider projection taking on an energetic masculine principle with entitlement to project any creation (distorted) and make you that.

"You are made in the image I create of you. I cast onto you who you are. I know you better than you know yourself. I can make of you what I want regardless of how you feel about it."

The one who is projecting has forgotten their humility. The log is deeply wedged in their eye while calling out the speck. Hypocrisy. They have forgotten who the other is outside of their own egocentrisim.

And they've momentarily forgotten themselves.

They have forgotten their care to connect or soften into their own hurt of the one who is misplacing their power on the other as a misguided attempt to save themselves from their own inner abyss that would consume them if they could not gaslight another into taking on their burden (for love).

Scapegoating the innocent who are blind to the impact of (distorted) authority and would take on the suffering yet not see that for the ones who escape and avoid, this action would never be enough for them.

Emotional and psychological abuse. Withhold until they surrender. Tell them their value (devalue) until they are programmed into believing it.

Fragmented sense of self. This way they are easier to control.

These have momentarily forgotten their feminine principle: that which could balance and harmonize the whole. That which would unify the perspective as Holy.

Consider that to make another something they are not, feels violent to the one who is projected upon.

Then to make (manipulate, guilt, shame, threaten, gaslight) them submit to the projection of what they are not to maintain (love) relationship feels like a one sided prison system of judge, jury and executioner. Guilty and never proven innocent. And to stay in that dynamic:

Stockholm syndrome.

When we see the pain everywhere, our hearts open so wide to include all those who hurt.

Including ourselves.

We authentically desire to connect when we feel pain, not run.

In nature, we want mother to hold us. Until we abandoned her and for many, she also abandoned herself.

Protecting the innocent means we protect the innocence of ourselves in another doing to them what we truly would want and not what we have endured, passing along the distortion but the antidote.

We see where they might be saying yes instead of no and question them with no agenda but for their real seeing of the impact of their own decisions for we see where others have failed us, so we do unto others better, becoming the antidote.

We become the antidote to what we see.

If we see pain, what would bring relief?

If we see hunger, what do we have to give to eat? If we see division, what would bring togetherness? If we see hate, how do we bring understanding?

We are that which we seek for ourselves as the other.

Be the antidote.

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