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Availability is a key to intimacy

That which we can experience we are.

Availability is a key to intimacy. Letting us receive life fully, communion with ourselves, with

Source, is the greatest gift we are given.

I am using the example of purity as a gateway into the frequency and the embodiment of the frequency that generates a divine intimacy between the experiencer, the experienced and the observer (witness) of the whole of it.

That and this are not separate.

Our ability to communicate is so much more than a word. Trust in ourselves is fundamental to allow ourselves to fully experience another; the world of an-other. This takes true courage when we see ourselves as separate. When we create an other, we have an unconscious fear of losing ourselves because of the over-identification with the frequency that is emanated versus staying as the whole.

When we can anchor ourselves in as the whole of us listening to the other in their momentary loss of whole awareness, we become for them a safe haven, a reminder of what is possible and a silent vibrational calling to the somatic wisdom of union.

When we lose ourselves in the listening, we can vibrate the part but will not forget the whole.

This intimacy can bring life to the dead.

It is courage that takes us to be with another in the discomfort of separation and love that calls us to be there without fixing or seeking to change or shift another to make us comfortable because we haven’t accepted it in ourselves yet.

We deepen in trust of the One who is powerful enough to see exactly what the other needs and to gift to them the strength and courage to rise up on their own accord, with their own will connected to the Divine. And we celebrate the rising, the victory, together.

In that way, we are equals too, and rise up together. Both, in it together. One staying anchored in the Divine whole, the other expanding and stretching into more divine wholeness. One as the flame, the other momentarily kindling and fanning theirs.

No losers, no winners. Nowhere to go because love is right there with you in the depths of your experience. And at any point, the roles can be reversed. A divine dance.

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