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Acting beyond our level of awareness

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

No one can act beyond their own level of consciousness. To hold them accountable for something they "Should know", hurts you and the relationship with your Self.

You can become more conscious when you decide the "old way" no longer creates the relationship you desire with your Self and open yourself to a "new way" of being with your Self.

Yet only You can decide to allow a change or shift when "that" time is. For some, it happens when an inner tension or limit is reached that one can let go of what was causing the tension.

Situations and life always present us with opportunities to see from another perspective.

You cannot force another to come to a "truth" if they are not open to relate with themselves from that perspective.

To even think that they "should relate" with the "truth" of a proposed perspective is a potential point of separation within the relating.

Ultimately, only God knows what is right for each person and their personal relationship with Source.

We can trust that God knows better than we ever could and that each person has that same light in themselves to recognize truth, when their right time comes.

That is not dictated by us but by divine timing and integration.

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