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A Value in Yes and No

Consider that you must be able to say "No" and mean it, for your "Yes" to have any value to yourself.

And those who have a healthy relationship with "No" also have healthy immune responses.

A weak yes or no, is subsequently a powerless yes and no.

What authority backs this "Yes" or "No"?

And those who would take advantage of your powerlessness can do so because of your relationship to your power; a weak yes and no.

This is directly correlated to a weak immune response.

When you see your word has power thus value, you will treat yourself more honorably and by example, so will others.

Your word, Yes and No becomes not only what your own body depends on for stability, but others as well.

Building a sacred "No" in your life will empower more of your sacred "yes".

And both are an extremely powerful navigational tool that aligns forces and parts seas like Moses. To wield our power as Divine Will would gift us authority to do in a way that is in Truth of Being, aligns the inner and the outer as one.

Know the Source of your power. Own your responsibility to align in truth. And Be honest with yourSelf.

Consider that the frustrations felt by those who do say yes but do not follow through and honor their own commitment to this power of yes and no, are witnessed by a growing distrust from those outside with whom they made an agreement with.

Those who do not follow through are eventually considered liars and distrusted. Word has currency. It also eats away of the trust of ones own self to believe, thus trust themselves.

Imagine that you say you are going to lose 10 pounds but cannot seem to do it. Look first at how you keep your word to yourself in general, does your word have power? Can you make a commitment and follow through?

Maybe you also have health issues.

It is all interconnected.

When you see body, mind and spirit as One, these are not just words.

We can take a look at alignment of thoughts to see what distorted beliefs we have given our power as "yes and no" to and reorient the energy by becoming aware.

This awareness is like a bridge to connect the spirit and the body. Once we see where the power is being diverted to, it naturally reorients to "truth" when we can remain witness to it versus generate another reason or story.

Health is wealth. When you lose it, you wish you had it. Prevention has wisdom.

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