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"I am not going to stop being me because you can't be (me)." Compassion needed. Empathy needed.

One is connected to a place or way the other is currently not.

Empowerment present. One is not leaving themselves for the others happiness over their own.

Opportunity is present to see the envy hidden here.

The one who cannot envies the one who can.

One has their power, the other seeks it.

And the envy will pull through coercion and manipulation, to disempower the one who stands firm.

This dynamic starts young between parent and child. Ancestrally inherited.

Until our weakness is met with strength, it fears death.

Death that would show it the illusion it's living is a lie indeed, that it is hiding from its own power.

And instead of owning its cowardice, it would take you down with it.

Envy. When you see the "green eyed monster" for what it is, you break its hold on access to your power.

You can be. All of yourself. And so can the other.

Both have access to the same, only one fears death to have it. Yet death is what will be the price for entrance.

All is possible with God.

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