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Soulmatic Embodiment Session 2

Session two of a potential 3 part series of embodiment

  • 2 hr
  • $133/hr
  • Online and In Person

Service Description

The second session is used for clearing ancestral trauma. We are a product of the life we were born into. Anything that has not been worked out before we came into this life will find life through us. Any inherited pain, grief, or drama will often find expression through our lives and we may not understand the interconnectedness of it all. Often our familiar loyalty creates blinders that do not allow us to leave the group story. Sometimes it takes great suffering to wake us from the idea that we no longer want to be part of this familiar story and we start looking for ways to heal. Equally, we can inherit gifts that really give us a great capacity to love, find compassion for, and Be in this life with aliveness and playful curiosity. This information is important because what this session deals with relates to what happened in previous generations as family secrets, what you inherited from the family, the histories of your parents and siblings, facts about the family and transmuting any familiar curse. Although you may feel and experience this familiar inheritance as heavy, overwhelming, unmanageable, and impossible to overcome, these same feelings are often the gifts in disguise, using what was given as a catalyst for great transformative power to create huge shifts in your life, in as little as one session. This session is inspired by the work of Bert Hellinger and has been uniquely adapted for greater personal embodiment.

Contact Details


1440 Sheridan Rd, Wilmette, IL 60091, USA

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