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Integrative Spiritual Coaching Package

3-Month Commitment (25 various sessions)

  • 1 hour
  • $3,333 for 3 months
  • Online

Service Description

For Those Who Want to Shift Something Deep Within: A package of “deepening inner connectivity sessions” that is a minimum 3-month commitment. • Astrology chart reading *baseline* • 60-90 minute sessions for deepening within a certain focal point (often brought by the client in current actual “problem”, or from previous session building depth from the last) • 30 minutes for checking -in and reorienting/tweaking. Sometimes it turns into 60. • 15 minutes for laser moments of clarity • Check in’s with: Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp • Time spent in creating and sending client personalized meditations or questions, follow-up to longer sessions or deeper moments. The focus is often on getting really subtle and without the mind. Connecting/bridging/becoming aware and allowing/Surrender. This is designed to deepen within yourself and will include every area of you. We start with an Astrology reading to give insight into ourselves. Then we have a 90 minute session that includes a somatic experiencing to deepen connection with ourselves and an “arising”. We alternate between 30- and 60-minute sessions to support and deepen. Since each person is unique, what arises within each session can be used to orient the next session. We take 30 minutes like a check-in and tweak ideas/orientation, 60 minutes like a deepening session where we “release” or “build” more. Since we are working with perceptional fields, I am assisting and being with you in bringing your blind spots into awareness, to allow, accept and transform itself wholly within you. We have 15-minute check ins available once a week outside of normal scheduled appointment, access to WhatsApp/telegram/signal for any quick questions and support. I have recorded meditations and specific things like questions for contemplation for clients as inspired from the sessions. a. This is more of a complete package towards personal self-realization with intentional focus. b. We use somatic therapies along with questions and guided intuitive meditations to orient, deepen and generate more spaciousness within the body/mind. c. This gives the biggest support and feeling like being on a “team” and “partnership” that is all about you and your growth towards deepening connection. Dropping old patterns and paradigms first must be known either as the part of the whole of the part. The more whole we can become, the faster and easier the layers unfold, resistance subsides and trust is regained.

Contact Details

1 (509) 822-1878

Edmonds, WA, USA

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