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7 Deadly Sins; Invitation to a fuller life with yourself
7 Deadly Sins; Invitation to a fuller life with yourself

Wed, May 03


Virtual Event

7 Deadly Sins; Invitation to a fuller life with yourself

An 8-week experiential zoom workshop that utilizes personal experiences and contemplation to go deeper into supported self-reflection. A deep inner sea dive that brings you the potential for lasting transformation and life changing realizations that are able to restore peace within and without.

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Time & Location

May 03, 2023, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

Virtual Event

About the Event


  • 8-week personal interactive journey self-discovering love in ways you didn’t know was keeping you from deepening in love and feeling separate from the truth of yourself.
  • Each week gives you a taste of what is cutting you off from yourself so you can bring the light of awareness into the places of misunderstanding utilizing one of these powerful forces. 
  • Each week also brings in the antidote, the virtue, that would bring "balance to the force".  We will also look at these.
  • Weekly exercises to bring into your daily life for more personalized understanding of where you may be generating pain for yourself, and potentially others by proxy.
  • By the end you will be more self-aware of your own personal connection to each one of these energies (vices and virtues) and how they are influencing your thoughts, behaviors and keeping your heart open.

Maybe you just want to become more informed about ways that shadows can be transformed within your innermost being. Maybe you are tired of the shadow itself not being seen so that you can once again find dominion over it. Maybe you are ready to deepen and own more of what you are creating for yourself by understanding where density is operating within you, informing your life in ways that you wish weren’t. Maybe you are tired of pretending that you’re okay, hiding from the truth of yourself and are ready to be seen. Maybe you just simply hear something inside you saying “I need this” and you trust yourself. Maybe you feel adventurous and find joy in discovering the depth of what is not true and replacing it with what is. 

For whatever reason you say yes to this 8-week course, it will support you and change you from the inside out. Using the light of your own awareness, coupled with the synergy of this class, depth will be met.

The question is often “what is the value” of a class like this, to me? 

If freedom is important to you, then there is no price you can pay high enough to feel you make new space for within yourself from applying yourself in this course. If orientation is important to you, then there is no price you can pay high enough to see was pulling you from the truth and now isn’t.  If love is important to you, then there is no price you can pay high enough to see where you are withholding from yourself (and others by proxy) and now aren’t.

When we get the value of living in virtue, not only because of an idea of right, but because living from that place feels good to us. We have concrete and tangible experiences all the way around (body/mind/spirit) and we naturally desire more of what feels good.

Yet when we get through the vails of this world and see the temptations that would lead us back into the world; for example the traps of lust hidden with pretty packaging that appeals to your own personal weaknesses, a course like this adds value. It helps you to strip away what is in the way. It promotes self-intimacy and self-love by courageously and sincerely looking at yourself.

This is not a course of judgement but holding space for the desire of wholeness to be known by you, the one looking to meet the truth of that within yourself, and the journey to uncover what is in the way.

7 deadly sins are deadly in the sense that they block your life force. They keep you small. They become confused with who you are as an identity. They imprison you within yourself, locked away and pretending to be. And as we know, the Truth shall set us free. And all those around us who have been impacted by our lack of awareness, integrity and self-ownership of the lies that we ourselves are living within us, projected out as the truth.

This workshop is lead experientially, with respect for the sincere seeker who will be called upon to courageously observe their inner landscape and ask the questions that would alleviate their own confusion and current or potential suffering.

Workshop Cost:  $222

Individual Class: $30


Venmo: @courtneybossarte  Last 4 of phone: 1878

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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