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Integrated Soul, located online and in-person in Wilmette, IL helps to remind us of the essential truth of who we are in a deeply felt, and experiential way.  

                                                   You are not alone.

 You will notice deep energetic transformation and re-alignments that impact the whole of yourself.  As we change the way we see and experience ourselves, the world "outside" ourselves also accommodates according to our new embodied truths. In this way, what we see is what we ourselves, are. 

                                                                             Change yourself, change the world. 


Utilizing transformative integrated energetic modalities, transpersonal psycho-spiritual life coaching, trauma informed somatic embodiment, astrology, yoga, and wholistic workshops, the intention is to help you bring yourself back to your original divine origin within wholeness.  

Wholeness you never left.

These integrated modalities are intended to assist your own inner wisdom to restore and return to the truth of your essential being with the unique specifics of you.  You are unique in all of the world.  How your mind has shaped reality is specific to you as are all of your challenges based on how you have shaped your reality.  This work helps to bring you back embodied, with an almost unbelievable sense of freedom from old burdens/blockages, a reorientation to a clearer sense of who we know ourselves to be, plus a deep sense of “yes!” alignment with the life within us. 

                                                                                       You know you best.


We make new space within old story, burdens, and let go of patterns and programs that have misdirected our health.  We stop creating future with our past to start living more freely and fully, in the now, present to our life.  The purpose of Integrated Soul is to bring body, mind, and spirit into harmony with it's Self.  Self awareness is fundamental to our health and wholeness.  The foundation of this work is that we are whole and only need guidance to remember and restore what we have believed was lost. 

Together we can.  

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