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The Mystical Visionary

The mystic is fascinated with the formless while the visionary, with the form. Both are necessary and together, have a singular unified understanding within transcendence.

Too much form identity leads to an imbalance in attachment. Too much formlessness and its difficult to embody.

The visionary harmonizes in detachment to continue the possibility of opening up to new ways of creating.

Bringing earth into heaven.

The mystic harmonizes in anchoring in the innerspace of the body opening up new ways within being.

Bringing heaven into earth.

Both together is the new human. Divinely integrated.

Human-being being-human

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1 Comment

Adi Paul
Adi Paul
Jul 30, 2022

Embodiment. Incarnation of Christ. We are those Divine hands and feet. I love this contrast of the visionary and the mystic, this speaks to those who carry that design....transcendence and immanence!

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