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Sacrifice does not exist in Love

We sacrifice what we are not, to be gifted what we are.

The sacrifice is that of what or who wants to keep it yet knows it shouldn't.

The hidden conflict here is of coherent thought that is disorganized.

Sacrifice what if we already are? Why would it then be a sacrifice?

It sacrifices the desire to possess for we already are given everything. What could be possessed unless you see yourself separate from that which you long to have?

What has value when you have it all? Yet you cannot receive the truth of that? Then try to add to yourself what you already have and are?

When you know yourself in wholeness, you desire nothing and paradoxically desire to be THAT which you ARE. A journey and a destination, both.

Everything is a gift of deepening self-awareness and a joy to let go of outdated clothes that no longer fit to make room for new clothes. Freely gifting your small clothes for a larger, more expansive size.

When you know the true value of anything, there is no sacrifice.

You freely give it away.

You know what is coming is always for your highest good and in this case, trust that Love reigns because it is that which leads you to let go and that which also guides you to hold on.

The dance is Love and it asks no sacrifice for it knows itself whole. What could love need that it doesn't already have?

You and everything else is within its embrace. Eternally.

The only sacrifice in this moment is the self honesty of knowing truth when you see it. For seeing it, you open a sacred door for communion with the source of it. All guided by You in the wholeness of yourself back home to yourself. Trust, Faith and Sincerity are Gatekeepers. You are the authority.

The truth is in you, if only we receive it as so. Yet you lose nothing if you sincerely try.

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