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Perceptual Awareness

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Perceptual Awareness

You becoming aware of yourself through becoming aware of yourself.

Paradox is the name of this game. And you are in charge. Until you see that you are not in charge.

Hence the balance of the force is made present. All in perfect harmony as it is.

Yet if you are like myself, you are not satisfied with answers. You know that more questions lead to more answers and as satisfying as the answers are, they don’t scratch the itch of the desire.

Until you know yourself as desire.

And you watch desire, like a lens on a camera, focus on what would bring it to itself.

And the many attempts to satiate that lust that un-quelched desire would take photos of, capturing the object of the desire as a photo would only bring back to itself an image to explore through a limited lens of grasping, that once ingested and seen as fleeting, leaves again the desire unmet and hungry for the fullness of life to match its appetite.

Yet you are the desire that desires itself.

And the focus on all that is not itself as if that is true, only perpetuates the separation and pain of that longing.

Yet when you focus on yourself outside of yourself as the source of desire, you soon find out that the outside is not the exact perfect image that your inner photo had captured and thus you feel disappointed and are sure that the outside does not have what you need.

And all of this would be correct.

You are that which you need to see and know, that which you want in your own fullness.

To make an idol of an image and fill that with lust for a certain color spectrum that you are sure will bring you lasting happiness is to be the consumer and to become lustful and hopelessly disappointed in what (as the captured image fantast) is being focused on.

Until you see that YOU are the one operating the camera, choosing what to focus on and what to come into focus on at the cost of the whole, you don’t see your power.

Desire will pull you to the camera to focus on something that the desire determines important.

You as the WILL POWER animating force who individually gives YOUR power to the camera, to the orientation of the camera and what to focus on and limit the perspective of the whole,

CHOOSE this.

So your disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness, loneliness, etc is as a result of what you have chosen. Not the image of what you chose, but you as the one who picked up the desire and acted upon it.

When we start taking responsibility for our desire, we return to the source of purity of desire and the whole field of creative potential becomes available to us consciously. We can see what happens when we desire and co-create with that thought and how it manifests out into the world and what image it produces.

The purity of our creations and intentional living also becomes purified in the process of seeing that as the individual, we are the one with the desire, and that desire becomes a creation.

So we chose our creations more wisely, thus empowering ourselves through abstinence and continence to withhold our power until the right time of true creation and the assuming of full responsibility of that personal creation.

You have that much power.

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