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Intimacy and Relationship

How can we have a deeply fulfilling, intimate relationship with another if we are not willing to get deeply intimate with ourselves?

When was the last time you felt hurt that you chose to sit down with yourself and feel what was going on in your inner world, ask yourself some questions, and listen to what arises with non-judgment towards yourself or your feelings towards another inside you?

Its way too easy to get caught in the idea that another person is here to save you, that they are the reason you hurt, that someone other than yourself can figure out what is going on, to seek refuge outside yourself, to hold another accountable to what you feel, to keep perpetuating the pain of separation inside yourself and the perpetual victim whom always seems to have something happening to them and never seems to finds resolution.

In those moments of pain that we choose to turn inside and hold ourselves, letting the outer fall away and get deeply curious about what we are experiencing and why, we have a chance to learn about what we think, believe, and travel into discernment within the “why”.

When we get intimately curious with why we think and feel the way that we do, how we feel thinking those thoughts, we have the chance to move into the foundation of our own fabric of being, bringing wholeness to the feelings of separation in our personal experience.

We have a chance to see where in our history, we have felt these before, why we have felt them, what was going on in the world around us at the time we were experiencing those thoughts and feelings, and bring them back into integration within our current now. This

allows the exonerating of the outer experience to recognize the real inner power we have to see where we have been creating separation within our thoughts, then forgive ourselves, reconcile with the outer and move forward in loving acceptance of our sacred journey as divine humans, desiring to know ourselves as eternally whole and holy.

We also might simply understand that whatever is in our present moment feels separated from the whole of us and we want to feel whole and close to ourselves and be curious what we can do for ourselves to bring intimacy there to the hurt, the isolation, the fear, the lack, the idea of wrongdoing.

However we choose to lovingly relate with ourselves, the love that we bring ourselves into wholeness is an inside job. It is beautiful and important to allow ourselves the experience to soothe our sacred somatic systems with the presence of love within others.

Remember that Love is not choosing sides nor separating and pitting brother/sister against one another but rests in what is whole. When we understand this unity as a guiding principle within our own somatic system, the intimacy to know what feels out of harmony with the whole is a living attunement to align love with All. We invite then others, back to themselves, into their own love for themselves and share in that love, together.

As within so without. As above so below. As it is in heaven so it is on/in


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