All as equal. All in/as service within the One. Regardless of our knowing it or not.


Choice based on equanimity and present value. All has inherent value/worth. Regardless of seeing it or not.

If all is equal, all choices having neutral value, what is the relative value of your current choice?

What or where does that bring you?

Do you feel the inherent value pulling you towards the lasting value in your yes? Can that actually exist?!!

When we can sit in this space of no personhood, choices that appear do not have the same weight of the person that is making the choice.

The discernment becomes one based on a seemingly "deeper", more mysterious value within our alignment.

Judgement pulls the personhood into the equation and then within limited known variables would make decisions based on evaluation of what those limits are.

Discernment lets the person free to be in their "yes" alignment, open to the world and sensing the mystery pulling them into the space that is right for that now, and a completely yes experience.

#allisone #equanimity #discernment

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