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A Deep Bow

Thank you deeply to those who refrain from doing unto others the same things people do unto you.

It takes a deep well of compassion to hold another in their chaos without adding to it, or to be curious to go deeper into the root cause of why others are or are not showing up in ways that demonstrate care, kindness, generosity, honesty, integrity, and patience.

To extend to others what they do not and perhaps cannot extend to you speaks to the quality of your character. And it's true, most people will never know what work you do on the inner landscape that help keep them safer from their own unobserved minds which would not flinch to blame and scapegoat you into their density so they would not walk through the violence of their own inner mental perpetuation.

To you, Deep bow.

And you've learned to not pick that up, and maybe even lean in while staying immune from their venom.

To you, Deep bow.

You see that to stop the cycle of violence in the world, you must stop the violence within yourself first and reach deep to find all recesses that the pain of your ancestors hide in memory within you.

To you, Deep bow.

You extend benefit of the doubt and say yes with determination and courageous dedication, watch where any of your own "stuff" may be getting in the way of intimacy with yourself and another, taking action to change that from within. You are determined to live freely and recognize that the projections of your unobserved mind do not provide freedom or safety for yourself or others, and so you stop.

To you, Deep bow.

You let others off the hook, extending grace whereas others might create a whopper of a tale and also solicit others into the net of their charismatic victimhood which holds no regard for the one they are speaking about.

And yet you still hold compassion for the ones who tell tales and the ones who love slander.

You walk in equanimity, untainted by others stories for you still see love clearly even if the others are momentarily lost.

To you, Deep bow.

For you, warrior, fight a silent battle, one of purification at the source of conflict, inside. One that fights the ignorance of its own mind instead of fighting the ignorance of others for you know yourself in that ignorance, too and extend mercy instead. One that knows that our inner battle is such that no one escapes unscathed yet you also know that the sleepiness of the world is such that if no one steps up to the plate, no one is free.

To you, Deep bow.

While you silently watch the unconscious innocence play out while inviting others without personal agenda meanwhile demonstrating inner leadership to allow others who's eyes are open, to experience a contrast that may lift the spell of aeons, I see you, I know you, I thank you, I appreciate you and your self-sacrifice for the greatest divine good.

You keep the world whole and are a refuge to the emotionally lost who may never know the grace you extend through the constant awareness to keep the purity of the mind and the heart whole.

This path of compassion is the most courageous for it extends the same to everyone regardless of what and how it extends to you thus requiring an immense inner fortitude of strength to hold onto another as yourself.

And so to you fellow warrior, I deep bow.

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